FirstFable is a simple, elegant game designed tohelp adult gamers introduce young players to thejoys of roleplaying. Appropriate for players asyoung as 6 years old, FirstFable was designed byprofessionals in both game design and education,and is available, free of charge, to anyone whowishes to use it.

This is the Guide Book for the game, primarily intended for parents. Each child playing First Fable uses one of the Character Books designed as both a characer sheet, activity book and adventure log. All of the First Fable titles, including the Character Books can be found here. All are available for free download and modestly priced in print.

Grab some dice and some pencils, and start craftingyour own FirstFable!

First Fable is released under Creative Commons. Download the game for more information.

OneBookShelf is the parent company behind DriveThruRPG and RPGNow. We sponsored the creation of FirstFable and released in under Creative Commons both to give something back to the hobby that we love and also because we felt that there weren’t enough roleplaying games truly engineered with younger kids in mind.

After we started work on FirstFable, some other great games for kids have been released: titles like Hero Kids by Justin Halliday and Eric Quigley (a kids game that uses a tabletop map and minis approach which many kids may prefer over the theatre-of-the-mind approach used in FirstFable) and many morefamily-friendly titles.

Find the game that’s right for your kids and roll some dice together!

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