Great Cities of Magic

Great Cities of Magic is a system agnostic book that brings 8 ready-to-play dynamic cities, each based on a traditional school of magic. Each city brings its own unique flavor and challenges, but include prominent NPCs, landmarks, places of interest, shops, factions, and adventure hooks. Whether you want a city of intrigue, challenge, whimsicality, or mystery, Great Cities of Magic has it all–just read over a particular city and throw your players in with plenty of flexability to adapt to their agency.

This product includes:

– An introduction by Creative Director Sean Shannon, including a general guide for using the cities.

– Crest, the Shielded City of Abjuration. A city focused on the security of its citizens isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

– Enchantment, City of Enchantment. In a city that keeps order through manipulating people’s perceptions, will the characters be able to tell what movites are truly thier own?

– Falzreth, the Magical City of Evocation. Wizard duels, gambling, and magical experimentation offer a host of mischief for curious parties.

– Mavli, the City of Bones. The mass of undead servants that support this city give it an ironic sense of life. But not everyone agrees necromancy can be used for good.

– Mira, City of Festivals. In a city where happiness is manufactured (and required) will the party find themselves unwitting sowers of dissidence?

– Nosticar, City of Divination. In this city of free knowledge and rampantly applied foresight, secrets are nearly impossible to hide… hopefully the party doesn’t have any!

– Phinoth, The Glittering City of Transmutation. Perhaps the friendliest of all the Great Cities of Magic, some residents wish to rid the city of magic completely.

– Plenty, The City of Conjuration. A city dedicated to the creation of wondrous and amazing items is the perfect backdrop for a thriving theives guild. Will the party join up in the fun, or seek the good graces of the city by stopping the heist of the century?

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