The Palace of 1001 Rooms, Chapter 1 – The Gatehouse

This is the Gatehouse section of the Palace of 1001 Rooms. It contains rooms 1-100 of The Palace of 1001 Rooms.

This is a module for Dungeons & Dragons gaming systems. The concept is a magical and mysterious palace in the clouds, accessible from many worlds, whose rooms are all connected by portals that lead to random locations within the palace. It’s a ready-to-go, off-the-shelf, mega-dungeon romp for 1st – 20th level characters, with a lot of old 2nd and 1st edition content presented in a generic, non edition-specific format. Players or DMs roll a d100 to determine the room they’re in and there is a corresponding page number in the pdf. It’s a 1:1 match, so a roll of 53 sends the DM and players to page 53 of the pdf, where the details of that room are shown along with an illustration.

There stood on the edge of the world (and perhaps many others), a place beyond where the firmament and oceans ended; a place of eternal sky. It appeared as an endless sea of billowing clouds. One would always observe it as though it had a horizon, even though it extended in all directions. Underneath was an endless blue sky, and the same above. But in the middle were the towers of colossal clouds. They stretched on into eternity on all the points of the compass (which, by this point, could no longer show true north).

And in the middle of this vast sky, there sits an impressive palace of scattered towers and keeps. They hang suspended amidst the clouds from which they rise, as though the pillowy vapors support them, sometimes separated from each other by a mile or more of distance. The architecture is varied, as if erected by different builders of different times, some of them perhaps even alien to the observer. To the east might sit some great ziggurat and to the west something more akin to a tudor castle. Pyramids, obelisks, towers and even mammoth copper domes all stand perplexingly arrayed at dizzying heights. In the darker depths an observer might catch a glimpse of some, strange non-euclidean structure for a moment before the mists swallowed it.

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