Fey Grove Battlemap Pack

Deep within the Fey Forests lies a forgotten shrine known as the Fey Grove. At night, where the mischievious fairies come out to play, the forests light up with a mysterious glow underneath the moonlight.

This map pack consists of 3 battlemaps with variants, and is themed after a magical forest that can be suitable for settings such as the Feywild, or any type of Fey themed forest!

This map pack consists of the following items:

Map 0 – Fey Grove 16 X 16 (Light, Dark, Day variants)
Map 1 – Road to the Fey Grove 16 X 16 (Light, Dark, Day variants)
Map 2 – Entrance to the Fey Grove 16 X 16 (Light, Dark, Day variants)
Canopy overlay textures 16 X 16 (One for each battlemap)

Comes with a version for use with virtual table tops (70 X 70 Px grid), and a version with 1″ squares for printing (96 X 96 Px grid). Including variants, this map pack consists of 9 different 16 X 16 battlemaps!

Notes on how to print or use the canopy textures are included within the pack, as well as a full sized preview of how the 3 maps look when put together. Gridless versions included!

All maps included are in .png.


This product is priced at $4.99


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