The Brukesian Duchy – Public Release

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Hi there, it’s been two months of lots of work and trying out new things. I have a few announcements to make. We’ve finished the Brukesian Duchy Hexcrawl and it is now live on Drivethru RPG as a stand-alone OSR product. It’s 90 pages long and includes all maps together in a single download.

We’ve already sent this to Silver Coin supporters (3$ USD). This release replaces the Dungeon Vault Magazine for the months of December and January!

The updated hex map is attached below. If you’re not in the 3 dollar level and you upgrade soon, be sure to send us a message so we can send you the download code. Otherwise, you guys can purchase it with a discount here.

I want to thank you for your feedback, advice, and help in building this cool project. It is an awesome thing we did and I am so happy to finally get it done and move forward. This has been, by far, the largest TTRPG thing we’ve done, and a huge undertaking, layout-wise.

Starting now (February), we’re gonna make some changes regarding our releases. This is what we’re planning:

Before, we’d publish a  map and written content related to that map only. Most releases were self-contained publications.

Now, we’re gonna publish the maps in pretty much the same way, but the written content is going to be bundled up in a larger adventure that includes stuff for those maps.

This way we can publish, for example, 3-4 fantasy maps, and then a larger adventure module that includes those locations. This will allow us to provide better self-contained content that has more substance. These adventures will use the D&D 5e ruleset as a basis but we’re keeping rules-talk to a minimum, as usual.

We’re still planning to illustrate 8-10 new maps a month (as usual) but instead of 10 mini-adventures, we’re publishing 3 or 4 larger adventures with more/better art.

Hope you all are having a good time. We wish you all health and success in 2021.

Until the next one, Elven Tower!


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