40×30 Battlemap – Akari’s Refuge

Akari’s Refuge

Weary from your journey along the steep, frozen road, you are glad to arrive at Akari’s Refuge. It is well known amongst those who traverse the mountain range, and is protected against the harsh snow storms that occasionally descend.

Akari, a beautiful young woman with long, white hair emerges, wearing a monk’s kimono. She welcomes you inside her small home for warm jasmine tea and sweet mochi. When you are finished, she sets the table with many little bowls and plates of delicious hot food, and invites you to enjoy the meal.

Afterwards, as you leave her home and enter the courtyard, you begin to feel extremely drowsy. Spider legs the length of Akari’s body emerge from her back, and you hear the echoes of many feet scuttling throughout the surrounding tunnels—heading in your direction.

Spiders the size of small dogs emerge. Akari smiles and shrugs, “My children need to eat as well.”

What’s happening? The real Akari was killed weeks ago by a Jorogumo; a giant, female spider that can take the shape of seductive women. The monster assumed Akari’s form and has been using her refuge as a way to lazily feed upon the travelers who arrive, thanks to its good reputation.

She poisoned the main meal with a slow-acting agent and has now invited her small-spider children to partake of THEIR meal, as well.

If you explore the spider-tunnels to their end, you’ll find egg chambers filled with bodies encased in cocoons. Among them is the corpse of a woman with long, white hair wearing a gold hairpiece and clutching an ivory serving spoon. The spoon is blessed, and makes food cooked with it tastier; restoring extra health when consumed.

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