Drop-In Encounters 1: The Last Bridge

A recent rainstorm has flooded the river and swept away several bridges. A tribe of orcs has set up an ambush at the bridge and are ambushing anyone who crosses it. After capturing a military supply caravan, these orcs are well-supplied and armed to the teeth. A perfect encounter to make traveling through the wilderness more memorable, this combat scenario built for a 4th level party. This bundle includes a description of the Orcs supplies, positions, tactics, and all the necessary stat blocks as well as a whopping 12 high-resolution battlemaps (bridge, bridge on fire, bridge destroyed – each with night/day and grid/no grid variants).

Dramatically improve your random encounter game with our Drop-In Encounter series for fifth edition. Fun, interesting, super easy to use, and every one include several variations of a battlemap that is ideal for your favorite virtual tabletop.


Download Files in .zip Includes PDF and PNG Battlemaps

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