Esoterica of Mars

Abundant water! Rampant crime! Wealth and squalor beyond compare! And the best place on Mars to drink when you’re broke. Welcome to Vance, city of canals and chicanery!

Meanwhile, the exiled queen dwells deep in the Labyrinth of Night. She is Yazora, witch-warlord of Venus, and though she has built a cathedral city to her own glory, her very palace imprisons her. The heroes could free her, and her wish to travel Mars with them is sincere… but her power is unfathomable, and her courtiers love her too dearly to let her go.

Esoterica of Mars combines City of the Towered Tombs and Witch-Queen of the Shadowed Citadel into one convenient volume. No new material is added if you’ve already purchased those texts, but if you wish to hold the secrets of Mars in your hands, this volume is ready and waiting for you.


  • Archetypal Shakespearean characters to meet in the city, with full examples for each one.

  • New locations with characters and story seeds, including the Palace of the Prince and the looming presence of the Prison Spire.

  • Rival factions, with plot hooks for both their rises and their falls

  • New locations in the Labyrinth of Night and the Shadowed Citadel, each with characters and plot hooks.

  • A complete adventure featuring several factions with both parallel and conflicting goals, all set at a party to make Nero swoon.

  • The new Bond rules, attaching heroes to supporting cast and guiding the flow of the adventure.

This product is priced at $2.99


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