February release + Welcome pack is now live

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For  the free peoples of the northern territories, the unnamed frozen rivers  by the sub zero border represent something utterly terrifying. For it  was from those deadly, crystalline waters that the chaos barbarians of Q  first arose. When the world was young they brought incomprehensible  destruction upon the land in a devastating campaign of terror that  lasted thousands of years. Ever since, they have held a deeply rooted  place in the evil legends of old. The sub zero borders are seldom  trodden, and for good reason. No one knows if the chaos barbarians of Q  still reign there, or if they would rise once more should anyone dare to  provoke them.

9 New Miniatures that all come pre supported in 32mm and 75mm scale. They are ready to be downloaded through MyMiniFactory. I hope you like them! 🙂

The February release includes the following

9 Chaos barbarians:

  • Baryonax the Uncategorizeable
  • Bozonar the Subcertain
  • Higgurath Doubleslit
  • Preontz the Foreshadower
  • Proponezius Q
  • Quarxerg the Intersplitter
  • Shaakt the Entangler
  • Skyrminz of the Old Machines
  • Tachyonx the Hidden

Each miniature has it’s own:
–  Custom Bases
– Pre Supported Files (Chitubox)
– STL files
– OBJ files
– Scaled up STL’s for 75mm scale print
– Model renders


From the  Goblin da Tredzles clan

  • Myneer Augolf da Tredzle-Mounted on Grackus 
  • Roop da Tredzle

The Dwarfs of The Dark Deep

  • Kigan Krust
  • Imar Hakka

I hope you like this months release and looking forward to see your printed Daybreak Miniatures models! 

Happy printing!

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