Location: Sewer Exit

“Can’t do my job with all these poison gases.”

The city’s sewer system empties out through the city walls, pouring into a murky river nearby. It smells like waste gas and people try to avoid it. Lately a strange wheezing noise has been reported near the entrance. The peasants think it’s ghosts, some people think it’s thieves, but they’re all wrong. The problem is carnivorous plants!

This is a system-agnostic location, complete with descriptions, map, NPC, one-page dungeon and story-starters for GMs and Players alike. The location features a unique and easy-to-reference layout to help GMs start and build adventures. And it’s not just for GMs! Certain players will find the location helpful for giving their characters deep backstory. 


  • A map location that can be dropped into any adventure that needs a sewer exit
  • A violent sewer operator, with problems and quests that need solving 
  • A one-page dungeon so you can set up and run an adventure immediately 
  • Descriptions and more!
NOTE: The City Sewer Exit is excerpted from OUTSIDE THE CITY WALLS Map+NPC Pack. If you liked the City Sewer Exit, check out Outside the City Walls for even more locations nearby!

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