Hunter’s Guide to Guildcraft Weapons


Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition is amazing but it lacks options for players crafting items. 

As a long-term fan of the Monster Hunter franchise, and a DM that loves making dope boss fights; I wanted to create my own system that would allow my players to get some great weapons from the monsters they fight. 

And so this supplement was born. Contained within this handbook you’ll find: 

  • A system for gathering materials from ANY monster available in 5th Edition D&D. 
  • An explanation on how to create crafting recipes for special weapons. 
  • An upgrading progression system that allows players to have a weapon that grows with them. 
  • A faction of hunters inspired by the Monster Hunter franchise.
  • A custom background option for your players. 
  • 8 unique Legendary weapons available through the crafting method. 

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