The Playmakers (collection of interviews)

The Playmakers is a collection of interviews and a unique look at some of the key people who help shape the public play of roleplaying games: Convention organisers, Games on Demand co-ordinators, rpg group leaders, streamers and more are included in these 160 pages. Conducted through late 2018 and 2019, these interviews delve into not only who they are and what they do, but also what it takes, why they do it and what they need to do their jobs even better.

If you have an interest in peeking behind the curtain into what goes into an rpg convention or have ever had an interest in getting involved in supporting others in playing roleplaying, then the Playmakers is for you.

The full list of interviewees is included in the preview. The Playmakers was funded through Zinequest and is being made publically available for the first time here.

This product is priced at $8.19


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