Tree Safe House

Grab the FREE BattleSauce Rulebook where we cut the fat from roleplaying.  Then create an awesome character – CHEF, WERETHING, MANIMAL, BARBARIAN, WAR WITCH, or GHOST in just a few minutes and get ready to rumble.  You should probably actually read the BattleSauce Rulebook too.  There are more FREE BattleSauce adventures on DriveThru and on my website.  Did I say BattleSauce enough?  

Mobile friendly layout and design.
Brief introduction to BattleSauce gameplay.
Role playing light if any at all.  I mean, they’re snacks!
Game ready map(s).

Tree Safe House
Still only .99! (Looking at you Marvel Comics!)

Written and Illustrated by Michael Startzman (No Thank You, Evil!The Strange BestiaryThe Ninth World Bestiary).

As a BattleSauce ingredient, this uncharted map can be used in virtually any of our games. Ingredients are add ons to BattleSauce games providing a little extra flavor to your adventures. 

Hidden high among the trees players can use the safe house as a place of rest and recovery when traveling long distances through the jungle or woods.  Or as a location to make a last stand.  Just saying.

But that’s not all! What do you get for loose change you could probably find on the couch?

  • A brand new map full of lucious green trees to chase away the gray days
  • A key identifiying significant elements and locations in the map
  • 11 x 17″ poster map ready to print
  • JPG map too.
  • So many maps.

This product is priced at $0.99


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