Unknown Armies First Edition

The world of Unknown Armies is a familiar one, except that behind the scenes, a war is being waged, and the fate of the universe is at stake. Magick is real. Creatures, cults, and spell-casters battle for control of reality…and the future.

Your characters are in the midst of this struggle. Perhaps they’ve just had their first taste of the occult and are still reeling from the revelation, or maybe they’ve been there and have the t-shirt (with bloodstains). Maybe they have some powers of their own.

One thing’s for certain — magick leaves its imprint on people. No one who comes into contact with it is quite the same afterwards. Can you keep your grip on reality — whatever that is — and stay ahead of the game? Find out in Unknown Armies.

Let Me Blow Your Mind: Gameplay Basics

Unknown Armies is a game for mature players. This core book contains everything you need to play, although an extensive supplement line provides some terrific GM support such as additional mechanics, background information, and ready-to-go adventures.

First edition works on a simple percentile dice system. It is the most rules-light of the Unknown Armies editions and focuses more on world building, character development, and storytelling. This rules-light approach makes combat and magick extremely quick-paced to play.

The first edition of Unknown Armies is currently out of print, but it is available in PDF.

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