February’s Rewards Sent!

This material was posted on patreon by Heroic Maps

We’ve just sent reward links to everyone – so check your Patreon messages!

Again it’s a bumper bundle of maps! (we keep getting carried away lately!)

This month, the rewards are:

  • The House of the Wizard (plus teleport accident versions and transported rooms!)
  • The Noble’s House (Day & Night)
  • The Abandoned House
  • The Navigators’ Guild
  • The Church of the Swamp (surface ruins and dungeon)
  • The Dark Road Map 2
  • Syiosys Dam E54 (Sci-Fi Tier)
  • New Atami Car Park (Sci-Fi Tier)

We also did something a little different with the adventure supplements this month. We really wanted to write about both the House of the Wizard and the Navigators’ Guild, so we split the content between them and make 2 supplements (instead of a large supplement and a one page). Do check them out – there are so  many useful tables and adventure hooks!


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