Mos Cyre Spaceport (29×41)

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Mos Cyre is a small spaceport located on a remote planet close to the Rift. The city is surrounded by high rocks protecting it from the harsh weather conditions. Mos Cyre was originally established by a sect of monks, but around a decade ago it was found by a group of refugees who were met with hospitality by the monks. While the city is now under a new rule, the Temple of Ab’Aherran still has a significant presence in the city and its daily life. 

What makes Mos Cyre interesting are the ancient alien ruins in the wasteland. The monks found the ruins first and still protect them and worship them as holy grounds. Every year pilgrims travel to the planet to feel the presence of the Creator. Some of the faithful are blessed with visions. Besides their religious significance, the ruins are valuable to the few xeno-archeologists and scientists who have set up a camp closer to the ruins. 

Fantasy Variant: New Cyre

The reason why the buildings look so medieval in their overall style is that the map was originally made for a New Cyre supplement for the Eberron D&D setting for one of my Epic tier patrons. When this supplement is released I’ll let you know. 

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