Neheldre – Map

Neheldre – Map

A map of the great old city of Neheldre, capitol of the kingdom of Kholend by the Shalomere River. This poster-sized map features a comprehensive legend and location key for over buildings and other features. Multiple layers feature grids and color codes to aid in identifying various structures, along with sewers and underground areas. 

This city map was originally designed to represent the city of Niole-dra in Keoland for TSR/WOTC’s World of Greyhawk setting, in my campaign; many named locations can be easily converted for use with this setting.

NOTE: The full-size preview shows all layers active at once, resulting in an appearance of overlapping text. These are separate layers on the map and should only be visible one at a time.

The map is 49″ wide x 37″ high with a generous white border, creating an image area of 48″ x 36″. Purchasers are welcome to print a copy of the map for personal use at full size (wherever oversize copies are available), which is recommended for clarity of detail. 

This product is priced at $5.99


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