Secret Contender – Papsikels Cross-Promotion

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Papsikels creator is a big fan of sci-fi and fighting games! When they heard about the Cyber Fist Tournament, they decided that they must bring their best fighter to represent them!

Right now, you can download the Totoy “Daks” Mola STL from their February Release!

Totoy “Daks” Mola STL is a proud MMA Fighter. After being seriously injured in the last year’s Papsikels City Ultimate Fighting Championship, he accepted Watanabe Corp’s one-sided offer to become an Experimental Cyborg Fighter, a test subject for the company’s Exo Muscles Technology.  With his new upgraded form, he is determined to reclaim his lost glory. He searches all dimensions for the biggest fighting tournaments and comes to crush! 

“Papsikels” may sound like frozen milk snacks, but it’s actually a short term for a “Cool Dad”. The creator is a veteran in the Video Games Industry and has been 3d printing since 2011. Check out their releases with both cyberpunk and fantasy miniatures, pop culture models, and exciting surprises! 

Download now – the promo Totoy “Daks” Mola model (with a pre-supported version)!
Click here – the link is in the Release Post.

Get it now! The model will only be available until 28/02/2021!

***The model is shared between CF and Papsikles Patreon as a cross-promotion. It will not be available in the CF store later and is not a part of a Cyber Forge Release. This file is protected by Papsikles terms and conditions of use. If you would like to merchant the file, contact Paskiles Patreon for merchanting options.


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