Ythryn Expanded Tower of Necromancy – maps and extra content for Rime of the Frostmaiden

The Tower of Necromancy was one of eight towers of magic in the ancient floating Netherese city of Ythryn. Now the tower, along with the city, lies trapped in a frozen tomb. The wizards of this great tower are either long dead or have lost their minds to madness. Yet the tower still holds powerful magic waiting to be tapped.

This supplement is one of several short expansions to the locations in Ythryn with the following objectives:

  • Expand on the Eight Arcane Towers, making each one its own mini-dungeon adventure with exciting challenges and clear direction for the DM.
  • Provide Detailed Maps, for an immersive experience in person or on a virtual tabletop, rather than a brief ‘theatre-of-mind’ scene.

This supplement presents the events that occur in the Tower of Necromancy as an alternate to those described on page 246–247 of Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden. Additionally, the process for the Ritual of Brain Transfer described within differs from what is described on page 249 of the bookAs always, it is up to you how much of the content you want to use. It’s perfectly fine to use some parts of this supplement while discarding others, or simply let the ideas presented here inspire new ideas of your own. This supplement assumes a party of 4–6 characters of 9–11th level.

Adventure Summary: 

After their arrival at the Tower of Necromancy, characters will meet a brain in a jar who is trying to learn how to extract the brains of others. The brain suffers from delusions that it is still human and that everything is mostly normal. The characters can befriend the brain by helping it, or potentially cause it to become violent if they draw too much attention to its true reality. After dealing with the brain in the jar, the characters can proceed up to the top of the tower where they find the remains of High Necromancer Cadavix, who has been trapped in a magic jar spell of his own design since the Ythryn fell. Cadavix knows the Rite of the Arcane Octad, but needs the party’s help before he gives it to them. Cadavix attempts to use the magic jar spell to possess the body of one of the party members in order to bring his own body back to life and discover the fate of his lover. 

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