Country Inn Battlemap w/Fantasy Grounds support – TTRPG Map


This inn is run by a married couple.  The innkeepers also have a small child who lives in the room just off of theirs.  The inn is located on the country side, along a major path but not in a city.  They have rooms for every price range from the large bridal suite to a room that offers dormitory style sleeping.

The woman tends the garden, where most of the food served at the inn comes from.  She also takes care of the traveler’s horses, as she has always had a way with animals.  Her husband does the cooking.  He can make a few carrots and potatoes seem like a feast for a king.  He has a few rare spices, which he uses to perfection.

Included in this purchase:

  • 5280 x 3520 JPG map file of the inn map both with and without grid (30×20 grid)
  • Fantasy Grounds .mod file which has both versions of the map, their grid data, and line of sight data
  • All the rooms have working doors to open/close/lock players in/out of in FG
Check out the video below for a preivew of the Fantasy Grounds file!

This product is priced at $2.00


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