Ginny Di’s Pickup Lines : 100 D&D Themed Quotes


Ginny Di’s Pickup Lines : 100 D&D Themed Quotes

Two roll-able tables

Ginny Di is a cosplayer, singer, youtuber, and professional nerd.

In August of 2019, to celebrate reaching 50,000 YouTube subscribers, she released a cosplay video that contained 100 D&D themed pickup lines that a character might use in a tavern or along with the spell Charm Person.

Inside you will find a set of roll-able tables with variations of these pickup lines plus 50 additional ones that Ginny created for her 2021 Natural ’21 calendar and this release.

A few of the lines have been mildly adjusted to work better without the accompanying video, remain within PG−13 territory, and also to try and avoid too many assumptions about the gender mix involved in the interaction.

Feel free to roll for a random quote, hand pick out the one that works best for the situation at hand, or simple use them to inspire your own inner charmer, so that you can add some much-needed laughter to everyone’s day.

Insults by: Ginny Di

PDF design & implementation by: Sean P. Kane

These roll-able tables includes all of the pickup lines from the original video below plus many more, with some minor editing for print and audience rating.