Mythic Ireland – T&T Campaign

MYTHIC IRELAND – Surrounded by the thundering Atlantic Ocean, treacherous Celtic Sea, and frigid Irish Sea, a beautiful island of emerald green awaits you. It is the home of men, monsters, and gods—a place of where honor means more than gold, words can wound like swords, and the bonds of kinship mean the difference between life and death. It is the land of the Druids, learned men and women who study Oak Lore and magic to protect their people from capricious immortals. Here the veil between the mundane world and the Otherworld is easily rent, permitting hateful spirits, vengeful sidhe, and elder horrors to visit mayhem upon the lands of the living. This 91-page book includes 22 full-color illustrations, 4 detailed color maps, setting-specific rules, information on Gael culture, new creatures from Irish mythology, and an adventure—Finneach’s Black Bull. Once you’ve charged skyclad into battle, taken your enemy’s head, and claimed the Champion’s Portion, there is no turning back—welcome to Mythic Ireland!

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