WalshMart Grand Opening

When Walt Walsh retired from adventuring ten years ago, he decided to invest his fortune in a specialty shop that targeted the needs of Adventurers. To make sure his shops had exactly what adventurers needed, he reached out to his former traveling companions and encouraged them to put their experience to use creating exciting new products designed to fit the needs of a new generation of adventurer.  In only a few short years, WalshMart would expand from a single store in Walsh’s hometown to a dozen stores across the realms.

 Now WalshMart is opening their first story in YOUR KINGDOM! And a flyer just arrived at your doorstep.

 Though written in the style of a promotional department store flyer, this supplement includes a variety of fully functional adventuring gear with practical benefits to adventurers. Items in this supplement include:

The Walsh Travel Canteen

CraftWarrior Interchangeable Weapon and Adventuring Tools

The Martha Stewman Traveling Gourmet Collection

Moon Ranger tents and adventuring gear

The Idiot’s Guide to Adventuring Skill book series

SureGrip gloves and boots

Garver Rope Company alchemically treated silk rope and accessories

Hamilton Reach portable hand-powered water pump and accessories

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