BroadSword Status

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I know some folks have been asking about BroadSword Monthly and its shipping status, so here’s what’s up. 

  • #11 just shipped, so you *should* all be getting those. 
  • The Monster Book (essentially #11.5 which counts as an issue) is about 4-5 days from shipping. Jen’s about to place the order from the printers now. 
  • #12 is in proofing and should be out soon in PDF form.
  • #13 is mostly drafted, just waiting on a few bits from me. 
  • #14 is also drafted.
  • #15 just started production.

We’ve been experiencing some shipping slowdowns due to the holidays and COVID vaccinations. In December, we placed our normal order for #11 and it took 3x as long to get them as normal.  Then, we moved our shipping facility to a new location in January, so that slowed things down.

Anywho, everything’s on track. If you feel that you’re missing an issue, please drop a message to Jennifer or to Sarge at



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