Circle of Bones Druid

Oracle, Haruspex, Seer, Soothsayer; Druids of the Circle of Bones are called many names throughout the multiverse. Druids of this circle are unbound by the limitations of their corporeal senses, capable of traveling through time and space with only their mind’s eye. Weal and fortune follow their allies; woe to any who stand in their way. To be prepared is to be forewarned…

The Circle of Bones Druid is perfect for players who love to immerse themselves in the lore of their setting and use magic in clever ways to overcome challenges in their adventures. You may play the role of a wise, farseeing sage, or perhaps a villainous crystal gazer perpetually spying on their foes and plotting against them. Bone Druids are powerful divination spellcasters who can magically scout ahead for their party, use their vast knowledge to unravel ancient mysteries, and even turn the tide of battle with a single use of their Sacrificial Sight. Their unique Wild Shape makes up for their lack of martial prowess, and offers new benefits outside of combat as well. 

A great choice for players who want a new archetype to build their next character around, or for Dungeon Masters looking for their next villain! 

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