Ferretheim Games Supplemental Skins

More monstrousness for Monsterhearts 2. There are seven Skins in this supplement, each made for different depictions of teenage lives, from co-dependency to morbid gaiety. 

The Skins in this product are:

The Bleak Morbid, macabre, calm, and suffocating. The Bleak is that person who has no fear of the reaper and wants everyone to seize life by the throat to throttle the best out of it.

The Gargantua Imposing, titanic, and ungainly. The Gargantua is all about being in a body that doesn’t seem to fit you at all.

The Golem Strong, bold, and hopelessly co-dependent. The Golem is about having a lot of potential that you wrap up in someone else’s bullshit.

The Harpy Bitter, haughty, wounded, and nihilistic. The Harpy is about feeling like everyone has more than you and being more wrathful than envious.

The Mermaid Comforting, reliable, yet always separate. The Mermaid is about being in a world that is not fit for you and finding your place in it..

The Preta Controlled, rigid, unnerving, and hungry. The Preta is driven to be around others even if their actions may sometimes be repulsive.

The Princess Poised, prepared, and drastically in over their head. The Princess is about knowing what is expected of you in life and trying to live up to those expectations that seem insurmountable.

These Skins are new and packaged together to go great at your table. Add some extra ferrety goodness to the game table with more Ferretheim Games Skins for Monsterhearts 2. 

Slip on these Skins and bring some mayhem to your table!

This product is priced at $7.00


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