New Sign-up Link for DMDave’s Class

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We had a CRAZY response for our “How to Write Tabletop RPG Adventures” class (over 1,000 as of this writing), which means we had to invest in some new technology to make sure we could all of you. As such, we’ve divvied  up the class into three days: 

  • Monday at 8:00pm CST
  • Wednesday at 8:00pm CST
  • Saturday at 1:00pm CST

These three days will all cover the same material (Introduction to Adventure Creation hosted by DMDave). 

The dates for these three days are Feb 15, Feb 17, and Feb 20 respectively.  Once the first class finishes, we’ll have new links for the second class and then the same for the third class and so on. That way you don’t get locked into one specific day. 

Plus, you have plenty of time to complete any writing assignments that we’ll have.  Here is the link for the first group of classes. Looking forward to meeting you! 

(Please don’t message or comment with questions as sometimes I get pretty busy and won’t have time to answer. Simply put them into #🏫how-to-write-tabletop-adventures-class )


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