The Museum of Nightmares (Fantasy Grounds)

 This adventure module includes: 

  • A 6-8 hour interdimensional adventure for four to six 1st level characters
  • Custom created maps of the Museum of Nightmares 
  • Ten denizens of the museum including bone constructs, living paintings and Kruthik Huntlings
  • Full instruction manual and rules for activating and using a friendly steam mech
  • 18 items to purchase from the gift shop including plastic snakes,  ethereal tether traps and buckets of slime
  • Adventure hooks and DM suggestions throughout!

The Museum of Nightmares was created using Homebrewery by Naturalcrit. 

The cover art is “Building” from the DMs Guild Creator Resource – Eberron Scenes & Symbols Art Pack

The cover was created using the DMs Guild Cover Image Template (MS WORD) by Matthew Gravelyn

Map artwork created by Helen Yates




Note: This product is for use in the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop. If you would like to purchase the PDF version, click here.

This product is priced at $5.95


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