The Sloop

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The Sloop:
Behold, The Sloop! Come aboard and sail away on this fast, slick vessel of the sea. A Sloop is a small, square-rigged sailing warship with two to three masts, loved for its agility and speed. Whether you are transporting coveted merchandise or raiding enemy ships for treasures, the Sloop is perfect for all adventuring parties. The Sloop contains four deck levels and three bodies of water. Stay vigilant and hold fast, sailors!

The Sloop collection contains:
– 4 Deck Level Maps
– 3 Bodies of Water
– Ship Tokens

4 Deck Level Maps (Variants + Day/Night + Gridded/Gridless):
– Sails / Rigging
– Main Deck
– Lower Deck
– Cargo Deck

3 Bodies of Water:
– Open Ocean
– Woodland River
– Tropical Reef

Barrels/Gear (12)
Furniture (4)
Cannons/Gear (3)
Row Boats (3)

Map Specs:
26×39 Grid Squares

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