The Woodland Backcountry

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The Woodland Backcountry:
Behold, The Woodland Backcountry! Off the beaten path of the Woodland Road lies the dense, wild backcountry. Thick trees, forgotten ruins, and beautiful open glades await discovery. But keep your head on a swivel, for the Woodland Backcountry is no place for timid explorers; only the hardest and most resilient ones will survive.

A lonely, old fisherman camps along the wild, roaring river. His impressive and mighty catch would draw the attention of any passerby. How did this tired, feeble fisherman catch such a large monster with such a diminutive fishing pole? How did that behemoth fit in that river in the first place? Did our fisherman use an enlarge spell to save him some fishing time? Tricky, tricky…

5 Core Maps (Variants + Day/Night + Gridded/Gridless):
– The Deep Woods
– The Glade
– River Crossing
– Ruined Tower
– The Three Trees

Map Specs:
26×39 Grid Squares

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