The Woodland Token Pack

33 items in this pack!

The Woodland Tokens:
Behold, tokens! The Woodland Token pack is an abundance of useful goodies to assist with your world-building needs. They look particularly nice on Savage Scroll battle maps, but will look just as good on any other map you may fancy 😉

Each token is designed to be used at the following sizes: 1×1 grids; 2×2 grids; 4×4 grids; 6×6 grids, and so on. These specs ensure a consistent scale, which enhances your user experience. For easy reference, all recommended scale sizes will be included in each token file name.

Barricades (4)
Natural Barricades (6)
Wagons (2)
Camps (7)
Camp Gear (11)
Misc (1)

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