Back Pocket Pyramid of Beans

What is a Back Pocket Adventure?
Playing D&D is a great game, but playing in the real
world presents problems for the Dungeon Master.
While playing through an adventure, sometimes the
Players go through the adventure planned too
quickly and there is an hour or so left, too much time
to go home early, but too little time to start a whole
new adventure!
Sometimes the adventure goes too slowly, and the
next session has only half the time planned out with
once again expected time left over.
Sometimes the Players get into a flow with a
Dungeon Master or know the published adventure
and expect what’s coming next, and the Dungeon
Master needs to add something.
This is where Back Pocket adventures come into
A small adventure that the Dungeon Master can keep
in his back pocket and can take out with little to no
planning – This is the idea behind a Back Pocket
Use a Back Pocket when the Players finish early, take
too long, or you just want to shake them up!
These types of adventure can also make a good brief
solo adventure to try out a new character or to add
at the end of a session where the characters have
made new characters.
I hope you enjoy these back pocket adventures!

This product explores the pyramid created by a Bag of Beans.

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