Free Gift by Dragon Trapper’s Lodge for Tier 2 patrons

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Great news, this month we’ve got a second collaboration with you, in partnership with our friends over at Dragon Trapper’s Lodge, who were were so kind to provide all of our Tier 2 patrons with an extra model as a free gift, with the monstrous Sharkasaurus.

Tier 2 patrons can download here:

Dragon Trapper’s Lodge create beautiful fantasy miniatures for RPG’s, focusing on cool characters and badass monsters. Each month they release new characters, mounts, dragons, and gargantuan monsters on Patreon, plus you get their welcome pack, throwback models, 5e stats, and more.

On top of that they’re also provided a special 40% discount for their MMF Store, so make sure to use code TRAPPERS when you grab their stuff! 😀




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