The Phantom of Music: An Adventure of Love and Death


The Phantom of Music: An Adventure of Love and Death

Strange accidents keep happening in the Singing Brass Dragon Opera of Waterdeep. Curtains fall during rehearsals, dancers stumble into the Orchestra pit, a flying glowing skull terrorizes the sceneshifters, and threatening letters arrive each day. Recently, a chandelier fell and killed a new employee. Now, a group of adventurers has been hired to investigate the crime and rumors surrounding the ghost haunting the opera.

An adventure about love and death inspired by Gaston Leroux’s story: The Phantom of the Opera


  • A 4-hour adventure for three to five 1st-5th level characters. It is optimized for an avarage party level of 4, however it can be easily adapted for characters from 1st to 7th level.
  • This adventure plays out mostly as a crime investigation where the characters go through a series of interrogations, collecting information, and clues.
  • Contains: DM Maps (Colored and gridless), Player Maps (Colored Grid, Colored Gridless, Printer Friendly Grid, Colored Handout) and an Isometric Map.
  • 10 Handouts representing letters sent by the Opera Ghost.
  • All the stat blocks needed to run the adventure.
  • It can be replayed and customized with three different paths for the DM’s choice.
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Content Warning:
This adventure contains some sensitive topics from its source material:
  • The Opera Ghost seeks Colleen’s affection against her consent. Keep in mind that the ghost won’t ever force or abuse her physically.
  • There is a character in the novel known as “The Persian”, who is portrayed as a mysterious, exotic and dangerous foreigner.
  • The Ghost was born with a physical deformity on half of its face, which has led to a life of rejection.
  • Certain outcomes end in suicide, depending on player choices.
  • The Ghost’s preferred method of killing its enemies is by hanging them by the neck with a spectral lasso floating in the air.
These issues have been addressed in different ways, but their tropes and the main story remain the same. Reader discretion is advised.