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BattleCoreRules is an RPG ruleset for determining combat scenarios without the need for extensive setup or a tactical map. The ruleset could be used for players to compete against each other, for GMs to determine battles in the background, as a solo game, or countless other ways.

BattleCoreRules could be used as a standalone game, or as an additional ruleset in any game where troops go head to head in combat. This could be two squads of space marines duking it out. Or, it could be a massive Dwarven army facing off against an invading Ork horde. And, of course, it could be anything else you conjure up. 

Regardless of the game you’re playing, BCR is used to resolve combat scenarios. Tactical decisions and number crunching are largely replaced by abstract terms and simple dice mechanics. You could think of this ruleset as a battlefield of the mind, as compared to theater of the mind, but in contrast to tactical grid-based combat. 

Feedback is welcomed. Playtesters will be credited (please contact us if you are interested). Any support is extremely appreciated.

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