Candlekeep Visitor’s Guide

Candlekeep’s Great Library has one of the most comprehensive collections of knowledge in all of Faerun, making it a key stop for adventurers in search of greater insight. This is a pre-filled version of my Complete City Sheet (already available on DMsguild) with a custom labeled map to help your party orient themselves within the small castle town. With this as a handout, your party can easily chart their own course through a shopping day, or orient them in their downtime during a serialized Candlekeep Mysteries campaign. Much of the information was taken from the supplement¬†Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast¬†by Ed Greenwood. The map is made in the style of Elven Tower’s maps.

  • Information on points of interest, travel options, and businesses for Candlekeep!
  • Custom-labeled map so your players know where they are and where they’re going!
  • Includes classic landmarks, such as Candlekeep Inn and The House of the Binder!
  • Entirely customizable! Want to update the included descriptions for your campaign? Every form field is easily editable in any pdf reader or web browser!

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