Chaotic Weapons

Combat is chaotic. Small details can change the outcome of a fight, turning a certain victory into a humiliating defeat. This is only made truer if someone is wielding a Chaotic Weapon. 

Due to enchantments or strange design quirks, Chaotic Weapons can unleash strange or powerful effects if they are used correctly. This makes every swing or shot into an adventure.

Chaotic Weapons is a collection of 50 different weapons, each with its own special ability.

These special abilities are triggered by the user’s attack roll, so while they are chaotic, they don’t slow down combat by introducing extra rolls.

The weapons include:

  • Armor Splitter – Temporarily reduce a foe’s AC when you hit them.
  • Stasis Ruby– Slow your foes to a crawl!
  • Magician’s Arms– Recharge your spell slots with lucky strikes.
  • Entangler – Summon vines to restrain those who stand in your way.

This product is priced at $3.99


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