Den of Lies

This product contains “The Den of Lies” an short adventure for players level 5-7. It is designed to be included into existing campaigns as a side quest or end goal of a longer quest, although it could also be played as a one-shot adventure depending on your need. Suggestions for including this adventure in existing campaigns are included. 

This adventure will take your players into the lair of Vespak the Vain – a green dragon with a penchant for achieving wealth through lies, extortion, and deceit. But more than just the avaricious wyrm awaits in the sinkhole he calls home: there are heaps of treasure, as well as unseen dangers that are not what they appear to be…

This adventure was first made for my table as an addendum to the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign, and as it was a rousing success with them, I wanted to share it with other DMs who may enjoy including it at their table. As with all of my products, I welcome constructive criticism, which will be taken to improve this and future products. Please leave a rating and review!

This product is priced at $1.99


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