Vampires & Claymores

Vampires & Claymores is a pamphlet Tabletop RPG about recently turned vampires discovering more about themselves while avoiding losing their minds to the everlasting hunger.

Vampires & Claymores features:

  • A minimalistic d6 pool system .
  • A  Blood spending mechanic to keep the tension sky high*.
  • Skill learning system that intertwines with the emmergent story being told.
  • Free-form magic rules.
  • Feral mechanic that accounts for vampires going insane for Blood and losing touch with humanity.

And also:

  • Character sheets with character portraits by Ramonkey
  • Character sheets by Bruno Prosaiko
  • B&W and Minimal versions for maximum ink saving

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*The blood spending mechanic has the potential to be  harmful towards some people. It does not mean necessarily that the character takes harmful action towards themselves, but that they exert themselves in a way determined by their player and agreed by everyone at the table.

Vampires & Claymores is a game that possibly deals in dark and personal themes. I don’t claim to be an expert in safety and for this reason i’d like to especially recommend the TTRPG Safety Toolkit by Kienna ShawThis toolkit contains important information and methods on how to keep the game safe, which i consider essential to garantee  a good and enriching experience for all of the players and the GM.

This product is priced at $3.50


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