Cerulean Tower 7 level Eight Map Battle Map Set

Take your advenure to the next level with Cerulean Tower, a 7 floor tower (with a bonus 8th blank level) that you can customize. 

Includes sleeping quarters, a wizard’s turret, a jail, receiving rooms, armory and more. A great battlemap addition to almost any campaign, this tower is versatile enough to add into an existing map and robust enough to play on its own.

Ready for VTT or PDF ready to print. Includes select assets. 

Map set is eight 8″ x 11″ pages (with grid & without) included, including 7 levels and a bonus blank level for you to customize. Comes with a 3-D diagram of the entire set. 

Digital PDFs both with and without grid; high resolution JPEGs included. PNG of boards and stairs included.

This product is priced at $5.00


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