Necropolis Entrance (32×56)

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This is our Necropolis Entrance. Part 1 of the Necropolis theme that won the last poll. We decided to do like the Couatl Temple and make this one a big mutli-part map and split it between a more thematic exterior and a winding dungeon-like interior.

This release has the Entrance and also the two small side caves: a Tomb Robber Camp and an Animal Den. The interior portion will be 4 floors leading down into the Necropolis proper. There’s a WIP sneak peak below. 😉 The rest of the map will hopefully be ready next week.

We decided to go for a vaguely South Asian theme as there’s been a lot of requests that we cover that. The theme will be continued throughout the lower levels, so we hope you like it.

Oh and stick around after this post for the next map poll!

Get this week’s map files below:

Necropolis Entrance – $1 Rewards

Necropolis Entrance – $3 Rewards

Necropolis Exterior – $5 Rewards (Gridded)

Necropolis Entrance – $5 Rewards (Gridless)

See the variations for this week’s map:


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