Varghol’s Shadow Tower

Years ago, a quiet village revolted against an evil wizard, razing his tower to the ground in the wake inhumane experiments. In recent days, sentient shadows prowl the street, and the citizens have visions of dead trees and a bleak, gray landscape. Somewhere beyond the veil of the Material Plane, the wizard still weaves an evil plan from his tower within the Shadowfell. The key to the mysterious occurrences exists within Varghol’s Shadow Tower. Challenging puzzles, vicious monsters, and invaluable treasures are hidden within…

Varghol’s Shadow Tower is an adventure for a party of 3rd level adventurers, it can be seamlessly placed into your ongoing campaign, and should take one or two sessions to complete. This product includes a 21-page pdf of the adventure including beautiful artwork, maps, and 2 new monsters, along with a Player Map and GM Overlay compatible with digital tabletop programs like Roll20.



If you are interested in the new Candlekeep Mysteries adventures, this product can fit perfectly into the Candlekeep setting. The ruined tower is a spire of the legendary library fortress that collapsed years ago, but Varghol continues his dark works in a shadowy version of the tower beyond the veil in the Shadowfell.


If you liked this adventure, check out my other DM’s Guild product, Legend of the Chaos Wind, designed to take a group from 1st to 4th level. A ghost ship prowls the waters of Stormwind!


This product is priced at $1.99


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