News and new maps

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Xanathar’s Guild Hideout

Our DM’s Resources Pack for the Dragon Heist adventure in the Xanathar’s Guild Hideout is now online, including the formerly released map.  You can take a look at that over on DM’s Guild.  If you previously bought that map, check your product purchase section, as we have uploaded the files there too.

Valentine’s Maps

We’ve just sent out our email detailing our new Valentine’s special maps.  They are two giant hedge mazes – one with a Queen of Hearts theme and one with a Queen of Broken Hearts theme, the awesome idea of our daughter.  Both have a chess board design at the centre and lots of fun routes round.  The maps are 75% off for the next few days and we’ve also put together a 75% off bundle of our previous Valentine’s Day maps for anyone who missed them.

Excitingly, the maze maps come with bonus VTT chess tokens made by the King of VTT tokens himself, Devin Night. So your players can even have a game of chess when they reach the middle of the maze. There are classic chess pieces and some really fun character pieces too.

Our Norrongard Kickstarter Maps

You can now see previews of many of the maps we’ve made for Lou Ander’s Thrones & Bones: Norrongard Kickstarter.  This update post details the maps that backers will get. We count that there will be 20 maps for $20 dollars (retail value $75). We think that they are some of our best work and we think you’ll love them, so do take a look!


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