Algine Regina Subsector Spinward Marches 2308

The world of Algine is an interdicted planet in the Regina Subsector of the Spinward Marches. 

Algine is a garden world with multiple continents separated by narrow oceans and rugged mountain ranges. It is temperate enough to have only a small icecap and the sweeping plains of the mostly flat continents and lack of any indigenous animal life made it ideal for human habitation. Vegetation is now mainly Earth and Vland based species with extensive terrestrial insect, reptile and mammal populations, indicative of colonial practices in the early expansion era.
Horses, camels and oxen are still the main form of transport even though steam land trains and trucks are beginning to take over.
There are next to no hydrocarbons on Algine so fuel in the past has been the burning of wood, now most fuel used for the generation of steam is derived from the distillation of grains and vegetable matter with a large percentage of the planets grain harvest being used for the production of distillate. There is very little in the way of alternate fuel sources so the grain harvest remains extremely important.
Air transport using dirigibles and balloons has begun to become common as has the transition from sail to steam on the extensive waterways. Due to the difficulties of navigating the barrier mountains between each continent.

Now the Primarch of Greter Stanley is about to launch the Twentieth Crusade spearheaded by the amoured land train Sword of Gideon and its up to someone to stop him. 

This book contains the background of the planet and some adventure kernals plus detailed maps of both the planet and the city of Port Deliverance. It is the first of my expanded Regina subsector books.

Included is a full size printable map of Algine and Port Deliverance.

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