Coldwood Codex Coming, plus new Starfinder!

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Speaking of Mike Welham, he also is finishing work on our upcoming Asian Spell Compendium for Pathfinder Second Edition, with 101 spectacular new spells to add an Asian flair to your PF2 campaign! 

Last but not least, after a week off to catch up on layout, our sensational Stellar Options series has resumed with Aether Connections by Jeremy Corff. You can see the details below and you can preorder it directly from the Legendary Games webstore with your Patron discount! 

P.S. More updates coming soon on Corefinder too, hopefully this week! 


The Aether Must Flow!

Get new options for your Starfinder mystics to tap into the weirdling resonance of the aether and its congealed substance, the eldritch radiaoactive element known as aetherite! Master the powers of magical force with the aetheric and aether-touched mystic connections and weave the primal essence of the universe with abilities like telekinetic thrust and shun gravity. Plus add the awesome aetherwarped summoning graft to unleash tainted horrors upon your enemies!


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