Rules of Engagement: Planetary War Rules for Starships, Fortifications, Military Vehicles and Colonial Marines

Starships can now attack and be attacked by planetary Fortifications and Military Vehicles to engage in planetary war using these optional rules for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, by giving fortifications and military vehicles the same weapons, armor, shields and power cores as starships – to put them on equal footing.

Also featuring the Colonial Marines Corps as a faction and theme equipped with new weapons, grenades, armor and equipment, trained to fight this kind of combat. Convert your adventure parties into Colonial Marine squads supporting their platoon aboard their own drop boats carrying a small military vehicle ready for harrowing military missions across colonial space.

Build fortifications by determining their defense systems – shields, and turreted weapon systems, armor, and power core utilizing the starship tables from the Core rules, using 11 fortification frames. You can build anything from fortified encampments to mega-cities and entire moons.

Build military vehicles the same way, with 6 sample military vehicles from combat bikes to planetary defense systems.

Included are 3 Colonial Marine starships, with deck plans for the Large Agamemnon Dropship, and the Small Achilles Drop Boat.

First Contact Protocol is a 6th level one-shot module, for a platoon of Colonial Marines, including the player character’s squad having to assault a secret laboratory compound and rescue a colonial marshall being held hostage by a terrorist group and militia. Includes a new Kaiju monster, the Harbinger of Doom.

This product is priced at $8.99


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