State if the Dragon #129

This material was posted on patreon by Draconick

PATREON: We had our live chat this past weekend, and it was a ton of fun! Lots of people decided to drop by, and we had some really interesting discussions. Thank you to everyone who dropped by! As for other Patreon-related stuff, stream drafts are back so do enjoy those. I’ll keep you posted with any other updates!

STREAMING: A few new developments! First off, I spent a good bit of time this last week overhauling my model. New clothes, wings, a tail, and so on. It looks good, and I’m more or less satisfied with it for now, so I feel a bit better about that. We’re now properly in the flow of streaming again, so pop in on Mondays our TTRPG writing streams and Fridays for our TTRPG solo play streams. We also had our first off-schedule stream earlier this week with some Mount & Blade: Bannerlord. It was a lot of fun, and I expect I’ll play it some more, and hopefully I can work in more off-schedule streams as well.

DISCORD: This is low-key popping off. Had a few new people join, and we also have one of our members and patrons organizing a Frostgrave League there (Shout out to Karrius for that!) Plenty of cool stuff going on here, you should definitely be a part of it.

RISE OF THE ROBOTS: As I said might happen, this got pushed aside to work on other things. I’ll try to bring my attention back around to it this week though. Fingers crossed.

SOCIAL MEDIA: We crested a minor milestone this week by hitting 3,400 followers on Twitter, and we seem to be holding there, which is surprising. I also mentioned branching out to other social media platforms, and for the moment I’ve been dabbling with Instagram. I still don’t think it’s quite ideal, but I imagine I’ll try to figure out what I’m doing there a little better. That said, I might still explore other options to see if something else could be a better fit.

BLOG: While this is definitely still under maintenance, I’ve actually managed to put in a lot of work on this front. Progress is moving along at a steady clip, so I’d estimate this being back to a usable state sooner rather than later. We’ll see how the next couple weeks pan out.

OTHER PROJECTS: Lots to talk about here. I’ve got that larger personal project front and center, and I really covered some ground this week and plan to do so again. I’ve also got a couple of commissions I’m working on right now, both of which have also seen a fair amount of work done on them and will continue to be a priority for now. Apart from that, I’m still banking up ideas for smaller project that I may or may not get around to, but there’s always the potential I’ll decide to sprint through one.

PERSONAL LIFE AND GAMING: Gaming has still be pretty spares, but I’m looking to amend that soon. Personal matters have been up and down recently. On the one hand, I’ve been very excited to be working on some things, and the scheduling tools I’ve started using haven’t solved my problems with my sleep schedule or anything, but I do feel like it’s helped me be more productive. Of course, this week has had some other challenges though. I got sick Sunday and was out of commission for most of it, and mental health is always an ongoing challenge that I’m managing. Overall though, I think things are going okay personally and professionally, and hopefully we continue to see things improve from here on.

We’ll leave things there for now. I’d say for the most part, things are sort of business as usual for now, but in sort of a shifting period as we get settled with streaming changes, work to bring the blog back up to snuff, try to clear some larger projects, and seek out some other areas of improvement. Stick around, there’s always more to come!


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