Deeds Fair or Foul: A Mini-Tome of Fantasy Discovery

Exactly who is this wondrous hero? This fearsome villain? If you struggle to develop the details, this character-creation prompt book is the tool for you. These fantasy-themed print-and-lay worksheets are designed for tabletop gamers who want to take their hero beyond mere stats and for writers (and you too, fanfic authors) who need to learn the secrets of their newest OC and do a little world-building in the process. Included are pages for basic biographical details, a personal crest, a family tree, questions designed to tease out character and world details, and even a page for forging a solemn vow on your OC’s behalf.

Item description: Two PDF’s, including one full colcor and one fillable black and white, each page designed to be full-sized, 8 1/2″ x 11″. One cover page with space for your character’s name and seven fillable pages are included. To save even more toner, print these as grayscale. It can be printed in other sizes/formats by adjusting settings in Adobe.

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