Foundry VTT: A Beginner’s Guide – How To Make A Map and Add Assets?

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Welcome to the Foundry VTT tutorial, which aims to explain to you how to use the Assets and Battlemaps we have prepared in your Foundry VTT.

If you would like to learn more about Foundry VTT, please visit the Foudry VTT Homepage

File preparation and organization

Brief description for beginners:

You can use our maps and assets in Foundry VTT to enhance your gameplay and quickly create a satisfying encounter. Foundry VTT allows you to use image files as backgrounds (perfect for maps) or tiles (great for assets). Tiles can be moved and modified to affect their size and angle.

However, in order to use the image files, you must place them in the appropriate folder that Foundry VTT uses.

How to prepare files for use:

1. Download the maps and assets you are interested in to your hard drive.

2. Turn on and log in to the Foundry VTT program.

3. Now go to the taskbar, right click on the FoundryVTT Icon that is on the bar, a Pop Up will appear, select “Browse User Data”

1. Now you have automatically opened a folder where you will find items such as “Config”, “Data”, “Logs”. Go to the “Data” folder

2. Move the maps and assets you are interested in here. We recommend that you create appropriate folders and sort the files as you like. For example, create a folder called “Maps” and “Assets”.

Important! Foundry VTT remembers the path of a file when you use it in your game. If you later move the file to another folder, you will have to specify a new path for the file.

Alternative option (In case you do not have access to the disk)

1. Turn on and log in to the Foundry VTT program.

2. Log in to your virtual table.

3. Look at the left-hand toolbar and select Tile Controls -> Tile Browser.

4. A panel will open in front of you that allows you to create new folders and upload files. Use this panel if you do not have access to the disk directly, or if it is more convenient for you.

Preparing an encounter using maps

The maps we create will allow you to create atmospheric encounters quickly and with a minimum of work.

How to create a scene with pre-made maps:

1. Log in to your Foundry VTT and turn on your virtual table.

2. Select the “Scene Directory” tab from the top right panel then click “Create Scene”

3. Enter your own arbitrary name for the scene and click “Create New Scene”

4.  Now the configuration panel has opened in front of you. In the panel, find “Background Image” And select the black arrow button on the right.

5. The new window is a file explorer that allows you to search the “Data” folder. Find the map image file that you placed here earlier and select it by left clicking on it and selecting the “Select File” button. Now you should see in “Background Image” the path to the selected file.

6.  Go to “Grid Size” and set it to 140. For most maps, this is an appropriate value (In rare cases, it may be 120).

7.  After setting the above options press the “Save Changes” button at the very bottom to create a new scene. My Grid resize warning will appear, press “yes”.

Congratulations! Your scene is ready to play. It should automatically appear in the middle of your screen, as well as on the top right in the list of finished scenes.

If you need to change the scene settings, select the scene in the list, right-click selecting “Configure”.

Using Assets in Foundry VTT

Sometimes you may need to add something to a finished map, perhaps you are missing some chairs or you want to create a map completely from scratch. This is possible, so we provide you with assets in a separate folder that you can use.

Adding a new asset to the scene

1. Log in to your Foundry VTT and turn on your virtual table.

2.  Look at the left-hand toolbar and select Tile Controls -> Tile Browser.

3. Find the folder you uploaded your Assets to, then drag the file you want directly onto the map with your mouse. It should appear as a separate moving object.

1.  You can edit the size and angle of an object by double-clicking on the object with the left mouse button. (Alternatively, you can resize it with that orange dot on the corner of the asset, and use the mouse scroll while holding down SHIFT or CTRL to change the rotation.)

2.  The right mouse button clicked on an object will allow you to lock its location, hide it or change its display priority. (Layer Order).

3.  Done, once you’ve added the first item, you can add more as needed.

Congratulations! Now you know how to create your own map and add assets to Foundry VTT. And if you need ready-made maps (with dynamic lighting), go here.


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