March Closer Look! 12-month Loyalty Reward!

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Before we get to the news, those are the last 24 HRS to join our GRIDWARS: Age of Cyberpunk Kickstarter Campaign!  

Since the start, we have unlocked over 15 additional miniatures that are included for free in every pledge! Check out everything you get at the exclusive Kickstarter price!

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Wildwood Sanctum

As always, in the middle of the month, we have a few more models from the upcoming release for you. The Wildwood Sanctum is a full fantasy line with a lot of natural themes, interesting RPG characters, and a beautiful sanctum cavalry and sanctum knights for wargaming! See what we are revealing today and get ready to meet the wonder dragon and even more exciting miniatures in the full release! 

12-month Loyalty Reward

February makes it a full year since we introduced the loyalty system! Today we are presenting the 12-month reward. Meet “The Dreamweaver“, a giant spider and a terrifying beauty! 

The prize will be added to your accounts by the end of this week. 

New Loyalty System Incoming

What we have had in mind for the Loyalty System from the beginning was to match your support in a rewarding way. After the first year of the current system, we have realized that the way of doing that could be even better! 

The biggest problem right now is that new Patrons are presented with the models that they will have a very very long way to get to, and it will only get longer as we release more tiers. It does not seem satisfying enough. We have also encountered quite a few technical issues with delivering the rewards and checking who is yet eligible for the reward and who is not. 

Right now, we are working hard with MMF on creating a much better and more satisfying system! Each month you will be collecting points and you will get more points depending on how long you are with us. Those points you will be able to exchange for a selected Loyalty Model! We will still be releasing new models for you to choose from, so if you stay with us you will still get the new model every three months, and if have just joined, you will be able to start your loyalty collection from the models you like the most!

To keep everything fair, the current system for our patrons will continue to function in parallel for at least a year so that no one will lose their current progress towards rewards.

The new system still requires some updates to the MMFs engine itself so it will take a bit to be introduced. We would like to launch it by the end of the month. Stay tuned for more information on this topic next week!

Collaborations Reminder!

Remember that we have an on-going collaboration swap in place. The models from our partners are ready to download right now. Get them fast as they will be available only until the end of the month! You will find the links in the Release Post!

Through our collab with Archvillain Games Patreon, you can get the Shipwreck Golem STL from their February Collection.

Through our collab with MiniMonsterMahem Patreon, you can get a Bear Spirit STL from the January collection. Also, be sure to check the newest February Release from Mini Monster Mahem. Awaken the beast within!

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